There is more you can do after you pray but there is nothing you can do before you pray.

–Adonarim Gordon

The Church lacks, only where it lacks in prayer.

–Leonard Ravenhill

We believe God does everything through prayer. Therefore, we make prayer an emphasis at Launchpoint Church. We challenge each other to learn to pray and grow in prayer through our church-wide initiative. We call this initiative, #ReachingUp. We are REACHING UP to prioritize the eternal and seek God’s wisdom, strength, and direction in our lives, our church, and in our community.

What to Do

Throughout the 21-Day Prayer and Fasting journey, we invite you to join us in the following:

1. Follow us on Facebook for a daily devotional. Each daily devotional will be relevant to that day’s prayer emphasis. Facebook: /launchpointchurch
2. Join us each day on Facebook Live as Pastor Jim leads a live prayer session at noon.
3. Join us at Launchpoint Church for an open time of prayer every Tuesday and Thursday between January 8th and the 28th from 5:30-6:30pm.

Daily Prayer Focus

January 8 – God’s Presence, Strength, and Guidance in our personal lives.

January 9 – God’s Presence, Strength and Guidance at Launchpoint Church

January 10 – Salvations and Recommitments

January 11 – Church Unity

January 12 – Spiritual Growth within Launchpoint Church

January 13 – Our Families

January 14 – Our Community

January 15 – Our Schools

January 16 – Our World (National and International)

January 17 – Outreach and Missions

January 18 -Greater Societal Influence

January 19 – Connect Groups

January 20 – Launch Kids

January 21 – Launch Youth

January 22 – The Persecuted Church

January 23 – Spirit Empowered Sunday Services

January 24 – Numerical Growth

January 25 – Financial Provision

January 26 – Supernatural Healing (emotional, physical, and spiritual)

January 27 – Launch Team Volunteers

January 28 – Praise and Thanksgiving


In addition to this time of prayer, we would love for you to join us in fasting over the next 21 days! Whether you decide to give up a certain type of food or take a break from social media, this form of self-denial, when used to focus on prayer, will align your heart with the heart of God.

Please remember that every person is different and you should only choose what is a healthy and safe choice for you.

Below we have provided a few suggestions of fasts:

21 Day Liquid Fast – give up solid foods

21 Day Daniel Fast – fruits and vegetables only

21 Day Media Fast – give up media

7 Day Fast – Fast with us for 7 days

Lunch Fast – Fast with us over lunch every day

Wednesday Fast – Fast with us on Wednesdays

Create your own fast.

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